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Kajal’s flower bed in the fish kingdom of the sea

Kajal Agarwal

The home is surrounded by glass. Carpet on the ground, clear glass on top. Marine fish are swimming within the blue water by wagging their tails. Kajal Agarwal and Kislu are sitting on the bed. Facing one another, in deep obsession. There are not any flowers within the bed, but they call it a flower bed. Such an image, such as a flower bed is desired for several young couples.

Southern star Kajal Agarwal and interior design entrepreneur Gautam Kislu are among the four victims of the epidemic. ranging from the stag party to the honeymoon, Kajal has posted 98 pictures thus far. nobody knows where this number will find you. The newlyweds are spending their honeymoon at a luxury resort under the ocean within the Maldives.

Kajal didn’t disappoint the fans by going for a honeymoon. So far, Kajal has posted 31 pictures of her honeymoon, ranging from her passport photo. Don’t think it’s up here. Because they’re still there. The honeymoon isn’t over. many likes and thousands of comments are gathered under each photo. Fans are overjoyed, happy, and even a touch jealous once they see their honeymoon pictures.

Kajal has been seen alone in most of the films. He has shared several ‘Sun Kissed Peaks’. However, he has shared some frames together with his spouse. As are often seen in some pictures, the couple has become on the brink of one another .

Posting an image , Kajal wrote, ‘Am I watching the fish, or are the fish watching me?’ In another caption, he repeatedly expressed his desire to go to the Maldives. Said, ‘Every time I come here, I find the happiness of freedom, i’m happy. i would like to return to the present country again and again. ‘ In one picture, Kajal is doing mermaid yoga ahead of the ocean . In another photo caption, Kajal writes, ‘Life partner is everything.’

There is a glass-enclosed house inside the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel, about 18 feet below water level . The Kajals are there. Where the movement of marine animals are often seen sitting. Sitting during a 180-degree bird’s eye view under the ocean , the restaurant’s menu lists Maldivian lobsters and Western food. One night’s stay during this hotel costs about 50 thousand dollars, which is quite 42 lakh Bangladeshi rupees.

So what’s marriage? Kajal will substitute front of the camera after the honeymoon. Start shooting fully force. Kajal are going to be seen with John Abraham within the movie Mumbai Saga. Then you’ll be seen with Kamal Hasan in Indian to Cinema.

Kajal Agarwal and Gautam Kislu made the change last June. Then they got married on October 30. They got married after almost three years of affection . Kajal Agarwal started her Bollywood career in 2004 with the film ‘Ki Ho Gaya Na’. In terms of labor , Kajal has been seen more in Tamil and Telugu films. However, he has acted in several Bollywood films.

Kajal has acted in ‘Singham’ with Ajay Devgn. Besides, he has acted in films like ‘Special 26’, ‘Nayak’, ‘Ranarangam’, ‘Magadhira’. He was last seen in the movie ‘Komali’. Kajal and even Prabhas were rumored to be crazy with Rohit Sethi, the director of ‘Singham’. Of course, he never opened his mouth about all this.

Kajal also spoke about his personal life last March. Asked how he keeps himself happy, Kajal said he does spas, eat whatever he likes. He also likes to cook.

He often cooks Thai food and rajma Chawla. And when you’re worried, sit right down to make biscuits. As soon as he took out the recent biscuits from the oven, his anxiety flew away.

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Kajal Agarwal


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