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Neha is such a big lie about being a mother!


Not even two months of marriage. Meanwhile, Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar announced the news of becoming a mother. She posted an image of Babybump on Instagram together with her husband Rohanpreet. Then the image was crammed with good wishes. Everyone’s eyes are on this news! But Bursik, a paparazzi from Mumbai, leaked everything. After Neha posted the image on Instagram, she captured Neha and Rohanpreet on camera. Nowhere therein picture is there any sign of Neha being a mother. Then when the image spread, everyone began to wail! Where is Neha’s baby bump?

When Neha’s fans were anxious to seek out the baby bump, Neha herself came forward. Today he posted another picture on Instagram. Hey, this is often the image of Neha and Rohanpreet. the sole exception is that this. At this point the image became a billboard of the song. meaning the previous picture he posted isn’t original, taken for the song poster. Their new musical goes to be released on December 22. this is often his promotion. In fact, Neha isn’t pregnant, she has done such a bizarre act to market the song.

Neha Kakkar means one-sided wind online. After posting an image of her baby bump with Rohanpreet last Friday, there was a storm of excellent wishes on Instagram. within the film, Neha and Neha’s life partner Rohanpreet Singh. Neha is holding the ‘baby bump’ with both hands. And Rohan is holding Neha. The caption reads, ‘Take care.’ Rohan also didn’t forget to offer an instantaneous response within the comment box of the film “Of course, we’ve to require care now,” he wrote. The tide of likes and comments flows therein post. many of us including Neha’s relations congratulated her there. the entire incident only pointed in one direction. Neha, 32, and Rohan, 26, are getting to be mothers after two months of marriage. But it’s such an enormous lie, who would have thought?

After posting the image of the poster, Neha and Rohanpreet were caught on camera by a hunter at the Mumbai airport. Neha was wearing a pink tracksuit at that point . There are not any baby bumps. Then the water becomes turbid. Doubt begins among the fans. So today Neha posted on Instagram because the poster of the song of that photo.

After that, some media in India claimed that Neha Kakkar had cheated to market the new song.

Neha has been coming to the media regularly after one incident after another for several months. Songs, love, separation, music, marriage, honeymoon, Bigg Boss, The Kapil Sharma Show, Indian Idol নে Neha isn’t coming down from the news. Whether there was anyone else on the page of the magazine or on the web portal, Neha was there. the amount of his followers on Instagram is growing by leaps and bounds. He became the primary Indian music star to cross the milestone of fifty million followers on Instagram.
Neha has gained popularity by covering songs from competitions. He also sang some basic songs. beat all, this young star has won the love of the audience as an artist. He got married on United Nations Day. The news of the wedding became pregnant within two months before it became old. it’s difficult to predict during which case Neha is going to be discussed. Because nobody has noticed that Neha is sexual love before. The news of marriage also came in a hurry.

Neha is such a big lie about being a mother!

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