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Why we call it Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

If technology and innovation were at hand, they might go hand in hand in Silicon Valley . The us region can easily be called the technology hub of the planet . Silicon Valley is home to the world’s largest IT companies, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, HP, Oracle and Cisco. But where did the region get such a name? Name in line with technology? Or have the technology companies found the address with the name?

The area south of San Francisco Bay within the US state of California is named Silicon Valley. Several cities, including San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Cupertino, are a part of Silicon Valley. it’s almost five decades since the region got such a reputation. it had been also called the ‘Valley of Hearts Delight’ at the start of the last century. the rationale behind the name is that there have been many orchards therein area. With the sweet juice of ripe fruit, the smell must have spread.

Silicon chip-based inventors and producers flocked to the cities around the 1950s. It is often said that a replacement chapter was started therein region. After all, silicon chips are utilized in everything within the computer genre — from mobile phones, printers, gaming devices to calculators. As a result, countless people working with information technology became vocal. However, Silicon Valley got its name twenty years later.

Exactly who introduced the name isn’t yet clear. But it’s clear that Don Huffler is that the man behind the popularization. At that point he was a technology reporter for the tabloid ‘Electronic News’. In 1971, he wrote several columns on the Valley semiconductor industry.

A writer named James Winkler worked with Huffler within the seventies. consistent with his commentary, during lunch with Huffler, a marketing worker mentioned Santa Clara Valley as ‘Silicon Valley’. Huffier accepted it immediately. Huffer’s eyes instantly glowed, Winkler said. He countered, ‘Where did that name come from?’ That marketing worker said, ‘Oh, people call him by that name.’

Over subsequent three weeks, Huffler wrote a series of articles on Santa Clara’s silicon computer chip industry. Added ‘Silicon Valley United States’ to the title of every article. From him the name became mature.

Some, however, say that the name Silicon Valley was known even before Huffler’s articles. Especially those that visited the San Francisco Bay area for business, they called it by that name. However, it’s still unknown exactly who introduced the name.

Whatever it’s, Don Huffler’s Munshiana isn’t almost popularizing the name Silicon Valley. Author Michael S. Malone writes in his book, the large Score, that Hoffler’s articles have also helped make the region a ‘technology hub’. Because, within the text, Huffler mentioned Northern California’s technology industry as a specialized area. Huffer’s contribution to the creation of Silicon Valley is as great as that of data technologists, professionals, inventors, and engineers. The journalist died on April 15, 1986, in San Francisco at the age of 83.


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